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Hey cHEwY gum gums!

A few weeks ago, I returned to Bellingen for the Readers and Writers Festival schools program. I drove around the Bellingen Shire, visiting schools school visits around the Bellingen Shire and a chance to catch up with author pals like Anna Feinberg and Kate Forsyth over a few dinners. Anna and I shared a house, a place where we both stayed before in 2019. As soon as I knew that I was staying there, I knew that I was gonna get a ton of writing done.

There’s just something about that house that brings out the creative juices, which is kind of weird because I normally prefer to write around noisy and busy places such as cafes, airports and libraries (during peak study times haha). If I am writing in my home, I have talk-back radio on because I need to hear voices. It’s not a distraction, sometimes I like get ideas from news events and what people have to say on the airwaves.

Yet, for an hour in the afternoon basking in the sun, or late at night by the gas heater, I’m bashing away on the keyboard working on my new writing project. No YouTube vids. No music. Just me and the keyboard. There are some perks of writing in silence. I can hear my thoughts much more clearly. Sometimes I can hear my character speak to me. Still, if I had to choose, I rather have something on in the background 🙂

I know other authors thrive in silence. Some prefer to have some background noise. That’s the beauty of being writing, there’s no way to do it 🙂

How about you guys? Do you need a quiet place to write?


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  1. George Ivanoff says:

    24/06/21 @ 12:39 pm 

    I can write in noisy places as I’m pretty good at just tuning everything out. But I prefer silence.

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