Bring on 2012!

Ahoy there!

It’s been a busy 2 weeks, it started last week where I did my last 2 school visits. One at Collaroy for a selective school writing camp, wish there were around when I was in high school. James Roy and I did rotations of three groups. Then I drove to Canberra for a visit to St Clare Girls High. It was an ‘unleash your potential’ day, where girls got to travel in grades and be treated to Maths, Science and English-that’s where I came in. It was a talk/task combo and it went well, I got some nice pointers for my upcoming novel, Nothing’s Prefect (due out in 2013 but you’ve got to be ready hehe). Then I dashed back in time for my writers group xmas dinner 🙂

I really love my group, been there since 2007 and it’s been a pivotal step in me getting published. We meet at the NSW Writers Centre. They have heard all my stories before they became books, the feedback has been priceless. It’s also yielded many successful results, many have come out of the group as published authors. I like to go because not only do I get some feedback, I also train myself to give feedback to others, keeps me thinking about writing. I don’t get to attend as many meetings as I’d like, but I still enjoy going when I can.

I got the second half of my final edit for Punchlines. I finished it yesterday, in the middle of doing a TV project (more on that later…I hope hehe). So now I’m kinda free until February, YaY! I’ll rest up, writing Nothing’s Prefect, I really want to nut out a proper first draft of it before the fourth cricket test, Australia against India (it’s gotta keep me company)…and of course play heaps of games hehe…ahhh so stay tuned for more exciting news in 2012, it’s gonna be another stellar year for cHEwY creations, BIG time!

I’ve got my list of fave books of 2011 ready to go…I’ll be dishing them out soon


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