Hey cHEwY gum gums

I’ve met up with other authors and they’re all making use of this quieter period to buckle down and write. Term 4 is not as busy so I’m using this time to play Pokemon Y…I mean write haha. My reboot of Nothing’s Prefect is picking up pace, I’m about a third done of my 1st draft. Like all my 1st drafts, it’s not the best thing in the world. But I can’t wait to tackle the 2nd draft, that’s where the magic happens.

I’m blessed to have many writer friends and a few of us got together to catch up with an old friend Lindy Batchelor. She’s a gem who is a champion for kids books. It’s nice getting a sneak peek of people have got coming up. It’s the first of many catch ups and parties, term 4 is also party season for us authors, it’s where we can let our hair down (or in case up…)

Photo: yeah to the CBCA and the authors and writers - LOVED seeing Lindy Batchelor and that view over Freshwater was fabulous! How privileged am I to be among such creative and fantastic women plus Oliver Phommavanh - who travelled 2.5 hours to get ther. Love you Oliver Phommavanh Fan  Page

Not for me though…I must keep writing. I want to knock off this first draft by November. Maybe then I’ll be getting some feedback from Bookish and get that ball rolling. After a year off, I’m ultra keen to bring out a book onto the shelves again hehe. Don’t worry, it’s coming!

P.S Time to take the 3DS XL for a Chespin…

Photo: Geeking out with my new 3DS XL, bring on Pokemon X and Y!


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