Wowee, a lot has happened in the past week, let’s start with the launch for Con-nerd at Lanvsale Public School. Belinda Murrell kindly launched the book for me and kicked off a short assembly that included a demonstration from a cartoonist from Cambodia.

Here are the special guests 🙂

The real Mr Bray and his class did a judo routine that was very impressive. He’s really a cool teacher in real life! My ‘prinipal’ Mr Diamond finished it off with a nice speech, who is actually Mr Ruby in the book. FACT!

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I became an author and I loved every minute of it. It was great to be signing new books for my loyal cHEwY gum gums 🙂

Can't forget the toys too!

Later that night, I went to the CBCA Northern Sydney meeting where my agent Brian Cook spoke about manuscript assessments, publishing and the know-how on getting that first break. It was held in the awesome St Kierans library.

A lively discussion on kids books and publishing 🙂

Brian’s got a wealth of info that he was very happy to share. Phew! What a day.


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