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I went to the CBCA AAA event last Tuesday, where we celebrate the books who make the shortlist for this year’s awards. It was also the day when the trains decided to have a meltdown…so I rocked up two hours late. I missed Alyson Simpson’s kind words about Thai-riffic! Lengy lucked out on making the list but there’s some really good books that did make it…and I’m going to strive to read them all. It’s too hard to pick out winners at this stage but I will declare it…if Jeanne Baker’s Mirror doesn’t win the best picture book then there’s going to be a riot hahaha. But seriously, picture books are more than just stories, they’ve become experiences and Mirror is just simply awesome.

I also found out that William Kostakis is playing Pokemon and has clocked over 35 hours already. I have a long way to catch up with him, he’s probably got all the 8 badges by now. There might be a pokemon showdown on the cards!

Thai-riffic! has made it onto the YABBA (Young Australian Best Book Award) shortlist for younger readers. It’s voted by kids in Victoria, so if you know any…hahaha, just jokes, seriously I’m up against the awesomeness of Specky McGee and Conspiracy 365 here…but I still appreciate the cHEwY love 🙂

I’m in the Punchlines zone, going through my second draft. I’m really getting a feel for Johnny Ha now, as well as his friends and love interest, Josie. Yes, all the love interests are based on crushes that I’ve had in the past. Don’t worry, I have enough names for at least 75 books heaheahea

I’m reading John Stephens’s The Emerald Atlas, a lot of books want to fill that Harry Potter/His Dark Materials void and this one may just do it. I’m not a huge fantasy fan but this one’s pretty good.

The Easter weekend is gonna be a blur so I hope everyone has a hot cross bunny time!


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