I’m planning to meet Heather next week to discuss all things Thai-riffic! Hopefully it won’t be anything too drastic, as we put in the final pieces in the puzzle!

In the meantime, I’ve finished another draft Star-struck! (draft 23, but who’s counting?) 

The next edit will be exciting as I change the working title to CONNERD (no exclaimation mark this time hehe), and will focus more on my main character, Connor’s desire to become a cartoonist against the wishes of his mother.

I’ve dropped the horoscopes and star-gazing bits, which was a large part of the story. But I found them too restrictive in later chapters. Now I’m experimenting with short and sharp chapters, sorta like Morris Gleitzman does in his novels.

My work with Heather has fuelled my latest changes to CONNERD. I’m fleshing out the characters, giving them more room to grow. I’ve already added an extra 5000 words. I expect to do a lot of chopping and adding, and push this novel to something like 35,000 words.

November is ‘write a novel in a month’ er…month, so I’m using that as motivation to get this latest draft done by then. It’s really not a new novel, but I’m just looking at the long list of changes…it’ll definitely feel like writing one…let the next evolution begin!

Will keep you posted on any Thai-riffic! news…


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