G’day mates!

On Saturday, I went to the Comic Book shop in Liverpool for Free Comic Book Day! On the first Saturday of May, comic book companies unite to produce free comic books. Yep, that’s right FREE!

I’ve been going to my local comic book store since I was in Year 6. In Con-nerd, Connor goes to a comic book store called the Phantom Zone. Well, that’s what it was called when I first rocked up there 🙂 It was a geeky paradise for me. I picked up my first Sonic comic and seventeen years later, the comic series is still going strong! So yeah, part of Connor’s fanboy love for comics comes from my own.

I couldn’t stay around for long though…because it was the PLC Open Day/Fair and I went to do some book signing sessions with the fabtastic Jacqueline Harvey, author of the Alice-Miranda series. Book signing sessions are much more fun with a partner and we both met some old and new fans of our books. I think Lengy and Alice-Miranda make a great team haha.

I had my friends on display and many kids asked if they were for sale. ‘Er…no, just the book,’ I say. I loved the thrones too, very royal!


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  1. wendy says:

    16/05/11 @ 12:24 am 

    haha are “they for sale?”, why are you giving kids faalse hope? fish em in with soft toys then turn them down! tsk tsk! lol

  2. Oliver says:

    16/05/11 @ 4:06 pm 

    hehe hey thanks for the ‘kidea’ Wendy 🙂 I could be a book and toy seller…mmm maybe make a Lengy action figure 🙂

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