Hey ya!

My editor, Heather has sent me a shocking surprise today…

I got a sneak peek of my Thai-riffic! cover.

BAM! POW! I can’t stop laughing out loud-it’s a good thing I’m at home.

I’ve often unfairly compared this publishing process to a pregnancy and the baby bump hasn’t shown yet.

But seeing the cover was like looking at an ultrascan…and it quickly dawns on me that it’s really happening. I’ve been pinching myself silly for nothing.

I’ll get to show you all soon. I really adore my illustrator’s work. There’s a nice mix of wackiness and manga to it. Maybe I’ve got my author glasses on, but it packs a punch!

My illustrator’s got plans to illustrate inside, at the start of each story, maybe even along the borders. I’ve started jotting ideas for her but I’m sure she’s got plenty of her own. I’m really excited to see what else she has cooking in her creative kitchen!

My meeting with Heather has been moved to next week. Stay tuned for more Thai-riffic! news 🙂


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