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For those who don’t know, there was also another important date that happened on Feb 14th. It was Clean Up Your Computer day. Whether that means cleaning up those cluttering files on your hard drive to giving your laptop a nice dust-up…

Neways, I had a good Clean Up Your Computer day on Monday, thanks for asking 🙂

The About face show finished up last week to sold out shows. It was such an honour and I have a bag full of memories now.

I’ve nearly finished my keynote speech and workshop about contemporary Asian literature. I’m really excited to be talking about my experiences behind Thai-riffic! and Connerd. Doing the About Face show has given me more jokes and lines to use heaheaheahea.

I’ve filmed something for the NRL footy show, three footballers came over for dinner to try hot and spicy food. My parents didn’t disappoint with the hot stuff, the footballers were reduced to tears 🙂 You’ll see it sometime in March.

Connerd’s coming along, I’m starting to drum some blurbs for the book.

Just a quick note for all you writers out there. The CBCA Frustrated Mentoring Program is back on again! I entered Connerd as an early manuscript back in 2008 (it was known as Winter in Korea back then…I’ll tell you why soon) and it was short-listed. It was a step in the write direction for me heaheahea and spurred me on. The winner was Kirsty Eagar who had submitted the surftastic Raw Blue. This year’s winners will get a chance to be mentored by an author and an editor from Penguin. Entries close July 1st so that’s plenty of time to write and edit your story…go ahead and try try try cos you never know…


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