Hooray for Books!


I’m back in Sydney, with a handful of commitments before my big trip to Thailand (reunion/research for Thai-riffic! 3). I’m actually at the Hughenden Hotel right now, waiting for the SCBWI Christmas party to start. Deb Abela and Nathan Luff are organising theatresport activities, it all looks very exciting.

The SCBWI Australia and NZ website is up and running, and it looks fab! We have great plans for SCBWI NSW and there’s so many juicy events that I’ll be blogging about very soon 🙂

So I’m writing Bookish and trying to get a feel of what kids like to read and why they read…and then something like this comes along. Today, I went to John Darby PS as a role model for Books in Homes and see kids get their book bags. It’s really sweet because I always took books for granted, but many don’t have the chance to buy books, let alone have their own personal library. So it’s a thrill to see many kids get excited about reading and books. Just another thing to add into Bookish.

I just want kids to get pumped about books and make them realise that you know what, they can write their own stories and it may turn into books one day 🙂


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