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Yes Stephanie Meyer, the Hunger Games is STILL amazing. This delicious sequel picks up where the explosive first book left us. In a not-too-distant future where the rich get richer and the poor starve, Katniss somehow survives the ‘death-match’ show that is the Hunger Games, along with her partner Peeta. Of course, the all powerful Capitol isn’t too pleased with her rebelious effort and will do anything to slience her and any thoughts of an uprising.

While the ‘fight to the death’ thing has been done before (ie. Battle Royale), it’s only part of a fascinating world full of tension and danger for Katniss and those close to her. Without giving anything away, Katniss opened up a pandora’s box of trouble!

I reckon the third (and hopefully final-all good series end in threes) book is the most anticipated book for me this year-yes I’m aware I’ve got a book coming out too haha 🙂

Any other HG fans out there?


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  1. Sue Walker says:

    21/01/10 @ 3:08 pm 

    Hi Oliver
    I haven’t read it yet, but it’s on my list! Love your blog.

  2. Oliver says:

    21/01/10 @ 6:33 pm 

    Thanks for visiting Sue, good luck with your latest work too 🙂

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