Hey cHEwY gum gums

I’m in the middle of Book Week and like many authors and illustrators out there, we are flat out visiting heaps of schools and meetings lots of fans. I’ll never take this part of the job for granted, I know it’s a blessing to be allowed to go into schools and promote our books and get paid for it hehe.

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love the fanfare, the welcome displays and posters and just the excitement of the kids when they see you for the first time. Though most people look at me weirdly when I have my lucky Mario hoodie on haha.

I’m in Melbourne this week, a fortnight ago I had the pleasure of knocking off another dream, to open for the legend Andy Griffiths! We were both at Scotch College’s Family Literature night and I was on first, warming the crowd up for Andy. He showed us a sneak peek at his newest creation, the 39 storey treehouse, which is going to do wonders for those who don’t know their 13 timetables, they will now haha.

I’m still waiting to hear back about Bookish, so fingers crossed that it’ll get the green light and I can get the ball rolling on Jamie’s story. It’s all about digital vs paper books, so I have one ear pressed to the ground at every school I’m at. Schools where everyone has an i-pad or netbook. Or schools where paper books still rule. All this will be processed and scanned into my story at some point hehe.

As much as I love this hectic period, I’m looking forward to being back home and by that I mean, sometime in September when I can rest my feet up and work on Nothing’s Prefect. Yep, I haven’t forgotten about it, in fact it’s been on my mind for sometime now haha.


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