Hey cHEwY gum gums

In a few days I’ll be off to Beijing and Guangzhao, ready for a week of talks at uni and local schools, as well as some gigs at libraries too. I’ll also try to squeeze in some sight-seeing too, trying to do the Forbidden City and Great Wall on my day off, some say it’s silly but I’ll see how I go. Forbidden City is probably my number 1 must-see, right after McDonalds and KFC ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve finished some of the STUFF HAPPENS books, SEAN by Will Kostakis (his first classic, Loathing Lola is now available as an e-book via Penguin Books, plugplugplug)ย and JACK by Tony Wilson. I’ve got a feel for Monvale PS and ready to tinker with KEVIN’s story. I’ve stripped away even more stuff from his story and he’s looking leaner (but still weird all the same). I’m getting back to the basics, the heart of KEVIN’s dilemma of keeping his FBF (First Best Friend)…anyway, I’ve said too much haha, expect to see it very soon.

I’m learning how to speak some Chinese and failing hard. I think I’ll try hard for 2 days before ending up shouting ‘NO ENGLISH’ to bemused Chinese people. It’s kinda tricky when I kinda look Chinese, more Chinese than Thai believe it or not! So I expect loads of awkward, oops I’m not really Chinese, moments. I’m kinda building notes for a possible story down the track which involves life in China, so this trip will be valuable. Gotta live it to write it! ๐Ÿ™‚

In my downtime, I’ve been enjoying South Park’s Stick of Truth on my Xbox 360, a grand story and plenty of fan service in a RPG. Game of the year methinks…

Photo: Loving South Park Stick of Truth, my early favourite for game of the year!

See you all when I get back!


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