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So what is Thai-riffic! is all about?

It’s a bunch of short stories about a Thai kid, Albert LENG-VIRI-YA-KUL…but just call him Lengy. He’s a cheeky troublemaker and loudmouth. You know that kid in class who’s always saying things that you wish you could say to teachers and adults. That’s him.

That was me-back when I was in primary school. *old cranky voice* “Where we didn’t have any fancy things like Google or erasers that can rub out pen.” We didn’t even have rulers-we HAD to do our own margins. Took years of practise 😉

So it was easy to make up Lengy as a character. I knew what he would do in my stories. I just thought about all the times I got in trouble with teachers, which was ALL THE TIME! 

When I started writing these stories, Lengy wasn’t the main character. The original title was ‘Grow UP Sir!’ where a wacky teacher named Mr Winfree did crazy stuff with his class, 5/6W. 

Yes, Mr Winfree is me too. Any student who’s had me before would know, that I’m not a normal teacher, unless it’s normal to have a care bear for a sidekick (more on that later). So Mr Winfree was another easy character to create. He’s doing things that I would do in my class. Though I’m not fat and going bald…yet! heaheahea

Mr Winfree and Lengy have some awesome battles in my stories. They want to show each other who’s the boss in 5/6W. At first, I wanted Mr Winfree to have the last laugh. But that would suck! I couldn’t hack my teacher doing that when I was a kid, so why would Lengy?

Besides, Lengy’s way cooler than Mr Winfree.             

Some of the things I did with my class have become stories in Thai-riffic! like World Records Day. Stay tuned for photos of my teacher days.

So who’s your favourite teacher at school? Do you know any weird teachers? Dish out the goss here, I wanna know.


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