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I just had my first day at the Perth’s Writers Festival, the schools day before the official opening hehe. It was cool to slip into David Levithan’s session in the morning to hear him talk about editing The Hunger Games for Scholastic, as well as reading his own work including the latest, A Lover’s Dictionary. I’ve been a huge fan since his collaborations with Rachel Cohen so it was a thrill to finally meet him as an author (I saw him at the Sydney’s Writer Festival back in 2008 as an aspiring writer hehe)

My talk was the final session of the day so I also got to see James Roy and Sally Murphy do their thing. I was a little rusty for my first talk of the year but I soon dusted off the old cobwebs when I heard the laughter. It was another free for all session where crazy stuff happened, too crazy to say here lol

The weather is actually Summer here (unlike in Sydney) so I’m happy to enjoy the sunburn I mean sunshine hehe. Thank Goodness the tents were air conditioned so we were comfy inside. I couldn’t finish this post without another shameless plug for my books and also Alice Pung’s while I’m at it 🙂


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