The short trip to Melbourne was pretty cool…I ate some Lord of the Fries (best pun ever), discovered a new Easy Way tea store (beat that Bubble Cup) and had a blast at the Asian Literature day.

It was an excellent¬†initiative by the Catholic Education Office, getting a head start on the Australian Curriculum. One of the aspects lifted from the draft curriculum is a focus for students to become more ‘Asia literate.’ ¬†That’s not to say that they have to learn a second language, I think it’s more of an understanding that Australia is part of the Asian region and that there are many cultures within Asia. I was learning something new! So I was glad to make people laugh during my keynote address and then I did some work on teaching Thai-riffic! in class.

I also got to catch up with Alice Pung. Now Alice is to me like what Nicki Minaj is to Drake (how’s that for a hip-hop reference), I have such a writers crush on her, ever since we met at 2008 Sydney Writers Festival. When she introduced me on a panel, she called me the Asian Paul Jennings and it’s a tag that I’m happy to wear. I can’t wait for her next book!

Keep on Juicing!


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