Just came back from the shameless promotion workshop in Canberra. Lots of info, some old, some new, all helpful. It’s nice to be reminded about the challenges of getting published, I never want to take my writing journey for granted.

One of the speakers spoke about two aspects of writing: the book you wanna write and the book people want to read/publishers want to publish.

Sometimes they’re the not the same thing. I’d like to think that it’s a mix between both, because you’ll be very lucky if your manuscript got through without a change through the editors’ hands. Change is good. Your stories will evolve into something cooler.
But do people write for their own enjoyment and passion or do they just wanna get rich and famous? In other words, if you had the chance to publish your book straight away but without your name on it, would you still do it?
From the very beginning, I know that a finished manuscript should be celebrated as a success, after countless editing and drafts. It’s a huge effort.
I want to be a writer for 2 reasons; because it’s my passion and also because I want to be a positive second gen migrant voice for the kids and young adults out there. If you have that creative vibe, they go for it, it’s never too late!
With new technologies and distribition methods, it’s now possible to get published if you really want to. There were many cool self published and e-published authors at the workshop, they saw an interest in something and got it out there. Now that’s passion!
Many of my friends ask me if I want to be the next JK Rowling or mega-rich and famous author. I’d be a fool to say that I would knock back the chance. I just want to keep writing and reach out to my audience, anything else is truly a bonus. No really, you need determination and grit to make it as an author, because it’s a rollercoaster ride. Besides, it’s way easier to get on a reality TV show if I just wanted fame hehe.
I just realised that I haven’t told you about my meeting with Evi and Heather. How did we fill in those last 6 blank pages of Thai-riffic? Stay tuned 🙂


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I'm an author, stand-up comedian and teacher. My books include Thai-riffic!, Con-nerd, Punchlines and The Other Christy. I'm a massive Nintendo fan and love eating burgers. Follow me on Twitter or Instagram @oliverwinfree


  1. Karen Collum says:

    15/03/10 @ 8:50 pm 

    Hi Oliver

    I found you on the SCBWI site and want to congratulate you on “Thai-riffic!” It sounds like a rip-roaring read and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. Best of luck in this new phase of your journey.

  2. Oliver says:

    16/03/10 @ 8:13 am 

    Hi Karen
    Thanks heaps for visiting, hooray for SCBWI! Hopefully I’ll see at one of the events, maybe the conference later in September. All the best!

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