Read Out Loud!

Hello cHEwY gum gums

Yep, it’s another bookish entry…today I went to Perth for the State Library’s Read Out Loud event. Inspired by the National Year of Reading, authors, kids and people from all walks of life participated in a reading relay, it was non-stop readathon! I got to read with a few girls from the Student Edge team.

I got to meet Boori Monty Pryor, such a talented author as well. It was great to hear his own tales of growing up.

Photo: I had a bookish time at WA State Library's Read Out Loud day, I got to meet Boori Monty Pryor too!

There was also some really cute things to do around the area such as write on their many chalkboards…

All of these ideas will be used for my Bookish book hehe, yep the more I’m surrounded  by readers, the more excited I get about writing this story 🙂


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