Wowee! What a day it’s been on Day 1 of the conference, some enlightening panels and themes arose from an array of talented writers, artists and book lovers.
Here are some interesting facts of the day
1. Cassandra Clare’s most weirdest question from a fan…can I have your blood?
2. E-books only account for 3 percent of the market in Australia.
3. The main age bracket with e-readers is over 50s.
4. Marcus Zusak on his books being movies: ‘If it flops, then people will say the book is better. If it does well, then it brings more people to the book.’

5. Ron Brooks on illustrating: If you’re stuck, go work on the garden…
Now I’m waiting for the reception tonight, should be a fun day tomorrow. There are rumours of an award winning author doing a stunt during my session with Richard Newsome and Josh Earl…I will not confirm or deny those rumours haha 🙂
But I love soaking up inspiration for my writing and well…I wanna read lots of books now!

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