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I still have fond memories of my first time to Newington for their literature festival. Two years ago, I had one book to my name and was loose and wild with my talks and presentations. Now two years later, the library’s not the only thing that’s changed. I’ve got a lot more toys and jokes up my sleeve hehehe.

Man, their new library is so cool. Open-windows with the those sliding blinds that move with the sunlight, lovely places to read books and the view overlooking the green fields (as if you’d be out there hehe).

I’ve met some old favourites, Simon Higgins is back with his sword and William Kostakis (who used to go to the school) returns for more. In fact, he’s been to every literature festival they’ve had so far. William’s got a new book out in August, The First Third (plugplugplug). He’s part of the Penguin crew now, which is awesome (not because I get a free copy but also because he’s long overdue for a new book, this guy is witty and clever).

Today I judged the Wyvern’s House Book Parade, there were a few Batmans and Supermans but a lot of kids had some nice homemade costumes. It was tough deciding the winners but we chose a little kid who was a Munchkin. He just wanted to hold a lollypop, don’t we all 🙂

It’s been a varied festival and I’ve been lucky to meet many new and old cHEwY gum gums.  A few kids remembered me from my random writing classes back in 2011, seriously there were good times! But I also got to meet Peter Goldsworthy, author of Maestro, a book that I was forced to read back in high school. I quite liked it back then and to be able to say it to the guy who wrote it years later is pretty sweet. Just another reason why I want to be an author for years and years…who knows maybe someone will come up to me and say the same thing 🙂


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