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Last week, I traveled over to Perth for the All Saints Storylines Literature Festival, 2 fun days of kids, mini-melt icecreams and summery weather. I got to spend a lot of time with Tristan Bancks, in fact it felt like 2 days straight as we waited 8 hours for our red-eye Perth to Sydney flight on Friday night. But I couldn’t have asked for better company, he’s been a long time friend since my early days…

Photo: Last week's great debate at All Saints College's Storyline Literature Festival was awesome, happy to be involved (and be on the winning side too hehe), including Jon Doust, Robert Drewe, Tristan Bancks, and Joe Ducie

So there was the great debate last Friday, the topic was about too many gatekeepers for books, yay or nay? It reminded me back in high school, where I would come to debates with nothing but jokes or just ways to cause havoc. Because I don’t care who really wins, as long as I get some laughs…something Johnny Khamka would do in Punchlines.

Jon Doust was our leader, and he was on song…a really weird song yes but I’ve enjoyed his wry humour over the last 2 days, he’s awesome. I was the last speaker and the stage was ripe for me to get there and rip it up, and well it was 5 minutes of hit and miss jokes, and just plain chaos. Because I can and because it was time for someone to go crazy. Things happened, I jumped on a chair, took my shirt off…our team took our shirts off, I talked about chicken breasts and I breathed fire into the mike like a wrestler hamming it up on WWE. After drenching myself in water, I cooled off and realised that it might be my one and only great debate at the festival…but hey kids came up to me and said they enjoyed my performance. Nobody remembered what it was about, or what the point was, but hey, I just do things for the lols…


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