Thai-riffic! continues to march on, as the preparation really begins to heat up. Thai-riffic! has six spare pages up its sleeve! Heather, Evi and I will be brainstorming ideas for those six pages. I’m leaning towards more comic strips between stories, either as a serial or stand alone strips. It would be so awesome. I’m so proud to be part of the design process for the book, as Lengy lends itself to some wackiness, something that will appeal to manga lovers and of course, those Wimpy Kid/Just Series fans.

In other news, Thai-riffic! might be used in a high school English resource called Writing Western Sydney. It’s being made by UWS, giving teachers and students authentic texts that paint a Western Sydney landscape. A small extract from Thai-riffic! would be highlighted, along with *gasp* an analysis of the language features and some writing activities. Someone has analysed my work hehe, it’s a dream come true! Who knows, Thai-riffic! might be destined as a teaching text, and it’s something I can be involved in, being a teacher and all. But high school is a whole different domain, so I’ll be keen to see what students come up with. Just thinking about kids being inspired by Thai-riffic!, makes me a happy chappy 🙂

Go to my website in progress, with Evi’s cool banner. Now if I can only get that flying man out of way heaheahea


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  1. Sandy Fussell says:

    03/03/10 @ 2:41 pm 

    That’s excellent news about the Writing Western City project. Hope it all pans out. Must feel wierd to be the taught text rather than the other way around!

  2. evi says:

    11/03/10 @ 6:29 pm 

    glad what we’ve come up with yesterday! and i see you’ve managed to kick the flying man out of the way… 🙂

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