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I’m back from Melbourne after a little tour. It started out on Monday when I went to Koonung Secondary College. I was greeted by a lady with an Oliver T-shirt. Here I was thinking that they treated authors like royalty but it was because they had a production of Oliver last year. The Koonung gang were wonderful as I did 2 talks and workshops for the Year 7 kids.

Dandendong High School has over 2100 students…it’s a massive school. I spoke to Year 7 kids who were separated into houses, very impressive. I did four talks, adding new bits to see if it’ll work or not. It’s a 40 minute performance and I throw in heaps of jokes. There’s even a few Melbourne jokes that I take out to use. Because I can only bring a few toys, each one is chosen for some joke or line. I always check around the school to scab things that I can use for extra laughs.

I kept making all these references to Andy Griffiths, not knowing that I’ll be appearing at the same school…Scotch College yesterday. Not at the same time, he was going to come at night and I was doing workshops during the day with some quirky year 4 kids. One of the best lines of the day. One of the kids said that he had an elevator in his house and then told us that he fell down the stairs. Without missing a beat, his friend said ‘you should have used the elevator.’

Gold, Jerry, Gold.

Still, one day I’ll meet one of my idols and make a fool of myself 🙂

A lot more schools and kids to visit this term, dubbed ‘book term’ because it’s more than just a week, everybody is crazy about books and reading and authors…hoo-ray!


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