Last Saturday, I was a real Con-nerd and went to Supanova in Sydney. I went to my first comic convention when I was in high school, Oz-Con where I met some great indie artists and legends like the Phantom’s Glenn Ford.

Cosplay’s getting bigger and better at these events…

I really thought this was a 2 person act 🙂

One day I’m gonna write a story about a kid who’s in making costumes like this, a Con-nerd sequel maybe?

From one cHEwY to another 🙂

I met some wonderful comic book artists, someone Connor would go nuts for, including Chris Charlton who actually works at Lansvale PS!

Awesome comic too!

Fantasy and Sci-fi fans were there in force, so cool to see Kate Forsyth in action again.

Queen of Fantasy!

And of course, I checked out the crew at Penguin Books.

Yeah I know, shameless plug hehe

It was a fantastic day where I got a new turtles hoodie that I wore straight away, fresh Pokemon toys and some new sound gadgets for my talks. Yep, these are tools for my trade, honestly 🙂

My fave one...wish I dyed my hair blue 🙂

Can’t wait for next year!


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