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I’ve been down at Walsh Bay for another SWF 2010. As well as covering the festival for the ABC Bookshow Blog, I’ve also been going on their digital radio, talking about what I’ve seen and what I’m going to see…

So now I’ll summarise the talks I’ve seen so far in essentially a few sentences (not as nervewracking as a sms or tweet then)

On Interrogating Twitter…Twitter isn’t going out there to kill off the English language, it’s another form of communication adapting to our lives, in this sense, real time thoughts and info on a wider scale (and audience)

Digitial Marketing for books…it’s already happening, but they’re mostly extensions of the narrative (eg. a character’s website is set up, or an extra chapter or alternative ending is posted up on the book’s website). While they add to the story, it’s not essential and in the end, is simply a marketing tool to build the author as a brand. Social networking sites work a treat but in the right context and audience (throw in book trailers, extra pictures and videos into this mix too).

That’s all for now, stay tuned for more rantings about what I’ve seen 🙂


P.S. Check out the ABC Bookshow Blog too


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