Tallow-Karen Brooks


If you ever read one fantasy book-then you need more books! But seriously, Tallow is a stunning fantasy book, and will definitely be a cross-over book for those older readers who want an absorbing story. Tallow deilvers on all counts, weaving magic, love and action. It’s a brilliant example of world building without comprising on the story.

Tallow is a candle-maker’s apprentice who carries a dark secret, something hidden by his adopted family since he was a child. When Tallow’s mysterious abilities are revealed through his own candles, it arouses suspicions from all parts of the world. These include soul collectors, the Bond Riders, a corrupted queen and a legion of creatures known as the Morte Whisperers.

This is not a ‘chosen one to save the world’ story because the line between ally and enemy is blurred. Everybody has their own selfish reasons to use Tallow as a weapon. Tallow’s also torn between concealing his identity and learning how to control his deadly talent. Tallow’s choices will lead to devastating effects for everyone he loves.  

Brooks creates a page burner, not a page turner, because you don’t want to miss a thing! Tallow’s world of Castellana Sestiere is grounded in a fusion of Italian and Venetian. Her style becomes heavily influenced by those languages, drawing out her characters with some lush descriptions. She drips out the multi-layered plots, which lead to a few twists. Before you know it, you’re completely absorbed by Tallow’s hallowing journey.      

Tallow is the first in the Curse of the Bond Risers series. Bring on the next book!


a shining light!

a shining light!

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