Hey hey!

I’ve just received my notes from Heather, in response to my notes that were based on hers.

Are you confused yet?

I’m really loving this collaboration thing. It gives me a sense of purpose when I write. I’m not daunted by the deadline, nor am I overwhelemed by the work that’s in store for Thai-riffic!

Maybe that panic kicks in next week.

I’m supposed to get this done by the start of September, but I feel like I need another 2 weeks. I’ve spent all this week, re-writing the first three short stories. I have to nail that beginning. It’s where you make your first impressions of Lengy. I’m actually loving writing new scenes for the book, like I mentioned before, but it’s a long process. Whatever changes I make at the start will ripple throughout the other short stories, like the butterfly effect.

So it’s write…think…write…think…I’m swimming laps in my mind.   


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    what cool initials!

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