Twilight has a lot to answer for-walk into any YA section of a bookstore and you’ll think you’re staring at a cemetary-undead creatures everywhere.

But vampires were cool before Edward. Even before Anne Rice had an interview with one. Dracula and his pals will forever captivate readers with their mythology and horror/romantic (hormance?).

The Eternal Kiss is an anthology of vampire short stories. It’s led by tales from Cassandra Clare (The Mortal Instruments series), Holly Black (Spiderwick Chroncles) and Kelley Armstrong (Buffy novels). Every short story succeeds in setting up their own vampire world. That’s the coolest thing about vampires, there’s no one set way to protray them. You’re allowed to place them in all situations. They’re not all told from the vampires’ perspective, there’s also killer adventures about vampire hunters. When these stories feel like they deserve their own novel, you know that they’re good.

One of my faves is ‘Undead is so very hot right now’ by Sarah Rees Brennan, a wicked satire on the whole craze itself. Yes, some stories don’t take themselves seriously, and that’s a good thing.

Even if Twilight failed to convert you, I’d still recommend this collection. Who knows, it may sway you around to the vamp world.

Are there any other cool vamp stories out there? Let me know!


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