The Ghost of Alf Cowley

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Photo: My first school collaboration has come to life! Thanks to all the fabolous kids of St Peter Chanel PS for working on a funny tale that's kinda true :-)

Last year, I went to St Peter Chanel Primary School at the Gap, Brisbane. Over three days, I worked with kids from Year 4 to Year 7 to come up with a story. Each class would work on a chapter and we would build up the story from there. We had a few rough ideas to start but we chose a point in the school’s history, a farmer named Alf Cowley who used to own the land before it became a school.

I had fun ‘coaching’ the team of kids into brewing ideas and lines of dialogue to progress the story along. Whatever wacky scenario the previous class would do, the next one would simply take it to another level. It was pretty cool and now I have the little book in my hands. I had another read, laughing at all the weird lines and funny jokes that brought me back to those crazy days last year.

I’ve never done anything like it but I reckon these talented kids know that it’s pretty easy to write a book. The fact that they can see their finished work (complete with awesome illustrations) means that they’ve had a taste for being an author…well done guys. Now, what about a sequel 🙂


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  1. Oddie says:

    25/11/14 @ 3:59 pm 

    Yes we should totally do a sequel!

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