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I watched Julie & Julia last night. It’s generally a food lovers movie, but I was surprised to find that there were some inspiration for aspiring writers too. Julia Childs was writing her famous cookbook, getting knocked back by publishers and dreaming of getting her book on the shelves. All it took was one editor who had faith in the manuscript and the rest was history.

Julie Powell’s own ambition to become a writer was just as absorbing. She wrote a half-finished novel and stuffed it away at the bottom of her drawer. When she started her blog, I bet she would never have dreamt of scoring a publishing deal from it. But it happened, and is one of many stories of bloggers who have become authors through their own passionate blogs. It’s a great way to showcase your writing. Julie defined being a writer as someone’s who published. But all you really need to do is…write!

So I did a little digging and discovered Julie Powell’s actual blog! And it’s amazing to think that it’s become a cool movie too! The movie ended up being a nice recharge to my motivation batteries. Plus it did make me a little hungry too mmmm 🙂


julie & julia!

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  1. Wendy says:

    11/10/09 @ 1:25 am 

    I wanna see that movie now.
    Give me the link to JP’s actual blog please. Save me from the digging. ^_^

  2. Oliver says:

    11/10/09 @ 10:37 am 

    Hi Wendy, I’ve updated my post to include the link 🙂
    A wonderful cook such as yourself will enjoy the movie, it’ll make you wish that it was a taste and sniff flim hehe

  3. Stephan says:

    18/10/09 @ 12:30 pm 

    Yeah I really like the movie too although I must say that if Meryl Streep wasn’t in it I think it would have been an entirely different movie. I still can’t believe Julie Powell scored a writing deal just from cooking Julia Child’s famous recipes. Maybe i’ll find someone famous and mimic what they did and become famous too!

  4. Oliver says:

    19/10/09 @ 1:37 pm 

    Yeah, Meryl Streep stole every scene and then some! I loved how they cleverly made her taller than anybody else 🙂
    But you’re spot on Stephan, all you need is a hook to attract attention, like Julie’s challenge. Any ideas?

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