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I’m working hard on my structural edit, pushing through the first draft before I go over with my editing brush…more on that later.

In between writing, I’ve read two awesome books.


Firstly is Paul Jennings’ first YA novel, The Nest. Why did it take so long for him to venture out into YA world? Anyways, it’s not a radical departure from the Jennings we know and love. The Nest is divided into five parts, sandwiched in between short stories written by the main character, Robin. He’s a teen with a dark side, tormented by his father and the departure of his mother. It could have been lifted from any of his UN stories, but with a more mature twist to them. Robin’s also a writer and it allows Jennings to show why he’s still the master of the short story. A stunning novel that only makes you wonder what else he’s capable of with an older audience-and let’s face it, one that’s grown up on his books.


I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Bill Condon, when his wife Dianne Bates accepted the CBCA Lady Culter Award last year. Bill’s just as talented as his partner, and his latest effort is a zinger machine. Set in 196, he takes you back to a gritty all boys Catholic school, where the teachers controlled the students through the strap. Neil Bridges is such a likeable character, taking you through the mind games and tension between the teachers and students. There’s so many LOL moments, especially as he struggles to contain his crush on an older lady. I’ll say no more except that teenage boys haven’t evolved over the past 40 years. A vivid account of the rough and tumble days of a strict institution, I confess that this book is worth a read!


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