Hey cHEwY gum gums!

I did something extraordinary this long weekend. I went to an actual book launch in a bookstore. It sounded like a pipe dream months ago, but as restrictions ease, bookstores are now open. But how do you have a launch when you can’t have a huge crowd?

Nat Ammore had a few inventive, creative ideas launching her 2nd book, The Power of Positive Pranking. Firstly, she decided to have a marathon book launch, from 11am-3pm. That way, people could drop in and get a book signed. It was a genius idea because it meant you had potentially more customers being there for so long.

Next, Nat did all the covid-safe things, being behind a plastic barrier you’d see at checkouts, with sanitizer around. It was quite novel seeing an author in the front bookstore window, and perhaps a sign of the new normal? Anyway, it reassured any concerned customers.

Beyond her signing booth, Nat made sure there were plenty of activities throughout the store, spaced out. Berkelouw Books in Leichhardt is a relatively large place. There was a nice display in the kids books section. Upstairs, there were tables set up to colour in covers, write positive protest messages and a chance to go on a scvanager hunt to spot items in their rare and second-hand book section.

Finally, Nat brought her A-game in terms of merch. For those who were just gonna pop in, like me, there was a bag of goodies with every signed book. Then on top of that, you could play a game of fart and crosses, where you could win a whoopie cushion with the logo on it. Winner, winner, toot toot!

Now I’m not saying that every author has to go out there with showbags, balloons, and signing books wearing a costume. It wouldn’t hurt haha. But you do you. The main takeaway is that you can think outside the box to do some interesting things. Nat made the most of a what was a dire situation. She was thinking positively, which is not only the theme of her latest book, but her mantra towards planning and preparing her launch…and it paid off in spades.

I’ll definitely ‘borrow’ some of Nat’s ideas for my upcoming launch in September hehe.


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