Happy Chinese/Vietnamese New Year!
I’m writing new parts for CONNERD, after being stuck on chapter 30. I couldn’t move on because there were questions that needed answering, characters who needed more development. So these parts are not chapters but ‘added scenes’ that I’ll be able to squeeze into between chapters (which will be changed in a new draft anyway). I’m pleased with what I’ve done so far, the story’s coming along nicely!
Now in Thai-riffic! news…
I’ll be greeting with the Penguin Sales Team in a few weeks, dropping in to one of their sales meetings. I’ll do my best to pump them up for Thai-riffic! Should I bribe them with food, or do a cheer? Maybe both 🙂
I’ll also be heading south to the Penguin offices in Melbourne, meeting heaps of cool people, who’ve been getting Thai-riffic! into tik-tok shape 🙂 It’s silly to think that an author should sit back and watch the publishing gears roll on. I’m going to be as passionate and proactive as I can, so Thai-riffic! gets that zooper-dooper launch!
Bring on June hehe

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