One of the Thai-riffic! Part Two stories will be about my dad’s own problems in the garden. You see, bats have been feasting on our longan tree and Dad’s trying hard to get rid of them. So I goggled how to kill…I mean get rid of bats for ideas…as well as looking at the actual longan tree outside to see if Lengy’s own solutions will work;nets, forcefields, scarecrows (or should that be scarebat?) and stuff like that.

It’s always good to nut out a first draft. Now it’s time to edit and re-edit until it’s all shiny 🙂

The plan is to write 12 Thai-riffic! Part Two stories and see which ones make the cut. There’s two stories that didn’t make it onto the first Thai-riffic! so I’m thrilled that they’ll find a home in the next edition. This is a fun phase of writing, when anything is possible.

On Monday, I visited some Year 7 kids at Cromer Campus and Killarney High, gave them the cHEwY treatment. Most didn’t know I was coming, let alone know who I was, which always work in my favour. Surprising them is half the fun 🙂

Next week, I’ll be visiting a few schools and doing some CBCA events. It kicks off a mega bookish tour for me as I tour a whole bunch of schools, with some festivals thrown in. Stay tuned!


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