Yeah I’m a dinosaur and after yesterday’s talks, today is now a dinosaur day thanks to my cHEwY gum gums who enjoyed my talks.

And wowee what a combo of talks today! I’m resting after giving 4 talks in a row.

Late change!

My first talk with Year 12 kids who were expecting Nick Earls. It was titled Moving Awkward and there were plenty of awkward moments. When I did a list of things that made people angry, one kid put his hand up and said ‘boring comedians.’


Neways, there were enough good time vibes and laughs from the 45 minutes. And one sweet Year 12 girl actually bought Thai-riffic! What a bonus! Con-nerd was SOLD OUT today as I spoke about the ups and ups of being a nerd hehe.

Mmmm books!

No rest for the wicked as I went from the signing table to the talks. I was signing so many things for kids that I was a little late to my last session in the chapel. I gave those lucky kids in there a very loose talk and by loose I meant random, really random stuff like a rendition of Single Ladies with 2 of my helpers (there’s a video of this lying around now). It was crazy good fun!┬áNo one really got hurt. I’m getting ready for my talk tonight at the literary dinner. Here’s hoping Nick Earls is well, I can’t wait to hear him tonight.


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