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Hey hey!

I’m Oliver Phommavanh-but my friends call me Winfree. Why? Because it’s easier to spell. So you can call me Winfree too.

It’s about time I hopped onto this blogging train CHOO CHOO…chugga chugga…

I’m going to be sharing all my cHEwY thoughts about writing and children’s books.  

You’ve joined me at an eXciting time.

My first book ‘Thai-riffic!’ has been snapped up by Penguin Books, and will be coming up next year.

YaY! *high-fiving a penguin*

But there’s a lot of stuff that happens between that penguin slap and seeing my book on the shelves. How does a stack of paper becomes a dazzling, glossy book?

Beats me! So I’ll be keeping you updated and we’ll all learn heaps.    

I’ll also let you into my writing head, where I’m cooking up new funny stories and re-heating old ones heaheahea…

 DING, DING DING the next station is…

Well, this is my stop. Drop me a line at oliver@winfree.com.au

Til next time, stay SONICool!


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  1. James Colley says:

    15/06/09 @ 7:52 pm 

    This is a good idea and a cool thing.
    Congratulations on the book.
    See you soon

    – James

  2. Maddy Oliver says:

    16/06/09 @ 9:15 am 

    You go Oliver! Saw your story about Mr Winfree in Growing Up Asian in Australia – a great collection of snippets. I really admire you for getting out there and putting up your work wherever you can and I’m inspired to do the same!


  3. admin says:

    19/06/09 @ 1:47 pm 

    Thanks Maddy, I was thrilled to be part of that anthology, sharing pages with the likes of Anh Do and Kylie Kwong 🙂
    Good luck with the writing!

  4. jenny says:

    19/06/09 @ 2:16 pm 

    sir student from lansvaleeeeee.(:
    great jod [;

  5. judy says:

    23/06/09 @ 6:49 pm 


    im from lansvale

    great job sir (;

  6. Oliver says:

    25/06/09 @ 11:11 am 

    Hi Judy!
    Thanks for visiting 🙂
    Btw, which class are u in? I have a bad memory kekeke
    P.S. Who’s your fave character?

  7. Alicia says:

    28/06/09 @ 3:10 pm 

    Hello Sirr(:
    Im from LPS(:

  8. Rachel says:

    30/06/09 @ 4:56 pm 

    Hello Sir 😀
    I’m from lansvale (H)
    good job sir 🙂

  9. judy says:

    30/06/09 @ 4:56 pm 

    GRUMPY (:

  10. judy says:

    30/06/09 @ 4:57 pm 


  11. Oliver says:

    30/06/09 @ 5:25 pm 

    Coolies, thanks Judy, stay tuned for more Grumpy goodness on this site 🙂

  12. Oliver says:

    30/06/09 @ 5:26 pm 

    Thanks Rachel, come again!

  13. judy says:

    30/06/09 @ 10:23 pm 

    YAYERS (:
    GRUMPY <3

  14. Sandy. says:

    01/07/09 @ 10:15 pm 

    Heyy Sir,
    I’m also from lansvale. 😀
    Great job sir. (Y)

  15. Oliver says:

    02/07/09 @ 9:53 am 

    YaY Sandy! Thanks for visiting 🙂

  16. Alicia says:

    03/07/09 @ 8:53 pm 

    Hello Sir
    Im From LPS
    great job (y)

  17. judy says:

    03/07/09 @ 10:02 pm 

    good job (Y)

  18. judy says:

    03/07/09 @ 10:03 pm 

    tee hee so cool ^^

  19. Oliver says:

    04/07/09 @ 7:00 pm 

    Hey Alicia
    Coolies, more Lansvale luv, thanks 🙂

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