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Hey cHEwY gum gums!

Apologies for the short break. I usually try to post up something once a week, but I’ve working on some pitches for future cHEwY creations, stay tuned! Don’t worry, I’ll make up for it by posting a ton over the next few weeks hohoho

You find me writing this in Broadway Shopping Centre, resting between two festivals are running in the same week, the Sydney Writers Festival and Newington Lit Fest. Last night, was the opening night of the Sydney Writers Festival. It was just so good to be back around people again. I know we’re not out of the covid woods yet. But seeing author pals at both events is gonna make me smile twice because we haven’t seen each in awhile AND it’s exciting to be back in tour mode again.

More on the Newington Lit Festival later though. I went to the opening address where I heard 3 passionate and powerful writers speak about the SWF theme of Within Reach. Melissa Lucashenko spun a yarn about a Big Mick who lives in a shack on some desirable land. Tara Jane Winch was coming from France, as she reflected on what it means be an Aussie literally living on the outside. I particularly blown away with Evelyn Araluen who spoke about our violent past and what we can do to alter and change the future. She said she would love to write happy poems and stories but time’s running out. The audience poured out the theatre, conversations scattering throughout the halls, it’s the kind of buzz that only festivals can provide.

Then I went to the opening party. These kind of events are daunting, but I still go, because well…who knows how long I’ll be invited to festivals? That’s no humble brag, it’s just not taking things for granted. Thankfully, there some children authors who were there, so it was nice to spend time with them haha.

I better go and get ready for tonight’s ABIA event hehe 🙂


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