Hey cHEwY gum gums!

After a month of self-isolation, I have seen plenty of authors and illustrators jumping on the Online Band(width)wagon, delivering plenty of great content. Some are doing workshops, readings and other random fun stuff. Here are a few of my choice picks 🙂

Oz Authors Online (Virtual Book launch schedule)

Books are family. Books are community.

This mantra for Oz Authors Online rings true as they bring together virtual book launches covering all genres. The best thing is that if you’ve missed a launch, you can watch the replay to catch up (and then grab the book hehe). What a brilliant initiative.

Matt Stanton (Cartooning videos)

One of the hardest working guys in the #kidslit scene, Matt’s been posting a variety of cool videos. The main draw card (ha!) is his cartooning videos, as well as readings from his books, including the latest Funny Kid book, Peeking Duck. What I love about Matt is that he’s posting videos almost every day, huge respect!

Emily Gale and Nova Weetman (Writing Course)

Two top authors have teamed up to run a writing course for kids aged 8 to 14. Each hour lesson has a ten minute video with 2-3 tasks and a handout. You’ll have to pay for the whole course you can check the first lesson for free. I’ve checked out the first video and it’s on point. Both Emily and Nova are gems, and I love how each lesson covers important steps in the writing process. Honestly, this is a pretty good resource for anyone wanting to write for kids too 🙂

Gus Gordon (Studio Tour)

Have you ever wondered what a picture book creator’s studio is like? Gus Gordon takes us through his creative space in 2 videos up on his YouTube Channel. It’s perfect for teachers to show kids some behind-the-scenes glimpses and there are plenty of insights about Gus’ wonderful picture books.

Nat Amoore (Book Dance Fitness Videos)

And now for something completely different from the zany Nat Amoore, who has been doing dance fitness videos based on books. Perfect for home school lesson transitions (that’s the gap between lessons folks haha), short bursts of fitness or just for entertainment, because Nat is a one person circus!

Let me know your suggestions that I can include in Volume Two 🙂


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