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Didn’t expect to be back online after the wisdom teeth removal…but thank God that it went smoothly. I’m on pain killers still, just in case, but no real pain or worries, except how to scoff fish and chips down like a seagull…mmm salty goodness.

I’ve just finished Hazel Edwards‘ Authorpreneurship. I picked it up at the SCBWI conference when she was there, flying the ASA flag. Not only is this book wonderful for aspiring writers, it’s also a compelling insight into the writers’ world. She was spot on about the balance between ‘freebie’ and paid talks, how an one hour talk can lead to a half-day hassle, and a one day interstate trip can lead to a day lost in recovery (those early early flights are a killer!). I’ve lived through that side of the writing world, and while I enjoy it, I know how important it is to value your own work, whether it’s written or spoken. Hazel’s experiences and stories are priceless, valuable tips that will save writers time and (potential) money.

So I recommend it, on top of joining the ASA too, who will have your back when things get messy. Plus they offer valuable info on everything writing related.

Just when I thought I lost my wisdom, I gained it through this book haha


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