Hey cHEwY gum gums

I’m in Lightning Ridge tonight, after an author visit to Coonamble High. I’ve never been this up north before, so it was a good chance to drive, enjoy the scenery and buy some souvenirs hehe

Someone asked me if I make much money being an author today, and I dished out my usual answer. A lot of authors do it for the passion, the love of writing. I wonder if that’s really true though, would I still be writing if I wasn’t an author?

Probably haha 😉

This month marks 5 years of cHEwY creations, when Thai-riffic! first burst onto the scene. If you asked me back in 2010 where I wanted to be in 5 years time as an author, I would have said still writing and bringing out books. So that’s still happening hehe. Yes, I’d love to have more books out by now, especially when I had a few lined up in 2012, but I’m better for the experience to bring out stronger cHEwY creations in the near future. I still get to travel, talking about books, doing writing workshops and sharing my love of stories (and plush toys hehe).

And the last 5 years have been jam packed of memories and experiences. I still get a buzz from seeing my books on shelves, in libraries, bookstores, book stalls and in people’s hands. And I’m still working hard to bring out some more cHEwY creations.

I’ve been listening to Drake’s latest CD, If you’re reading this, it’s too late and he has this line, ‘Don’t speak to me like I’m that Drake from 4 years ago.’ He’s moved on, gone to a higher place. I don’t know if I’ve gotten better as a writer. As a speaker and workshop teacher, yes, but really have I improved my writing? Kinda. I’m writing stories that are different from Lengy’s wacky adventures, but I haven’t really written anything as zany as that. Not that it’s a bad thing, there’s still plenty of laughs, but I haven’t followed the Thai-riffic! template. Maybe I’m more Morris G than Andy G, but both of their styles are still in my bloodstream when I write.

As I’m re-writing Nothing’s Prefect, I’m starting to bring out some more Andy G into the story. A little more fun and trouble into the mix. Maybe I should get Terry Denton to start scribbling on the sides hehe. But as I look at my road map in the next few years, I’m going to have a blast writing them.

I want to be here in another 5 years time and say that I’m still writing and bringing out books. I know many authors who are ‘hot for the summer and fade away’ (to borrow another hip-hop lyric hehe), so I’m not taking anything for granted. I also know that this journey is a long one, and the authors who have endured are the ones who adapt, refresh themselves and slap their hearts on their books. They’re the ones who would still be writing, even if nobody was reading it.





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