Tasmania Mania!


I spent last week in Tasmania and learnt many new things about the state island…here are a few…

1. Tasmania’s school system is different! So when I was speaking to year 7 kids, they were in year 8 hehe. I did a workshop for kids in year 6 and 7 in the Learning South HQ, a mix of primary and secondary kids, though year 6 is technically year 7 so yeah, had no idea lol

2. The scenery is beautiful: I had Annette, TATE (Tasmania Association of Tassie English teachers) president be my tour guide, roadie (she packed and unpacked toys), photographer (photos soon) and travelling companion. We drove up to Launceston where I couldn’t keep my eyes off the lush greens and mountain landscape.

3. Big or Small, kids are ready for a laugh! I did a talk in Campbell Town School, where the year 6,7 and 8 kids added up to 45 kids. I had fun in those small town schools. I also visited huge schools like Riverside High, where close to 200 kids in year 7 were crammed into a hall.

4. You can never predict your audience: I had year 9 and 10 kids in Newfolk High…the highest I’d ever done was year 8 (and this is Tassie, so technically it’s year 10 and 11). One of the best gigs I ever did. They gave me some love and I loved them back  and well…the hour just flies by! I also tried some new jokes that have earned their stripes and thrown into my routine now.

5. Teachers are wonderful: I also spoke to many teachers at the TATE meetings. I was really impressed that teachers are trying to get their kids to read in all sorts of ways. One girl who never read a book until year 7 has started to read many books now. Awesome stuff.

Thanks so much Annette and TATE for a week of fun and relaxation and those lovely chilly days (yes it was 13 degrees in November, ah bliss!)


P.S Special guest Aleesah Darlison will appear on my blog on November 10th speaking about heroes and villains.

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