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I’ve just had a lovely week in Tassie for another cHEwY tour. One of the highlights was the driving between schools. This isn’t your average urban jungle trip, I’m talking about lush green hills, clear skies and just well…if you’ve been to Tassie, you’d know what I mean!

So now it’s back to work, with a couple of school visits to tide me over, I have the mission to finish off the first draft of Bookish. I have the plot mapped out in my head, it’s just a case of putting it onto the screen. When I was doing my workshops, kids were spewing ideas, but they just couldn’t nail them down onto the paper. More writing, less talking about it hehe. But I like the ideas brewing inside, as I drive or walk around throughout the day. If only there was an app that can transfer thoughts into words hehe.

Last week was my fabtastic Thai-no-mite launch. We invaded Kinokuniya for an arvo of friends, food and fun. I was so blessed to have friends from all corners, including the Penguin Posse, my publisher Laura and editor Heather were there,along with my illustrator, Evi!

We even got some cHEwY gum gums, kids who wanted to come up and hi. I’m glad that my books are making waves around schools and libraries alike. Once again, Mum and Dad supplied the yummy food. My sister had the radical idea of putting Thai-no-mite stickers on the noodle boxes.

I wonder what crazy ideas we’ll come up with at the next Thai-riffic tale….mmmm food for thought 🙂


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