It’s weird to be back in Thailand after being here a few weeks ago…I’ve never been here in March too, so the heat really got me hehe. But I’m here for a week for some school visits, the first was at Concordian International School. It’s my first ever time at these kind of schools, most of the kids are Thai but they speak english in classes. That gives me the advantage of knowing what they’re saying to each other, lol.

Photo: I had an awe-gummi time at Concordian International School yesterday, loads of kids gunning for my books :-)

There are also kids from China, the Philippines, US and so on…this school has a multilingual library so I wandered over to the english books and found some Aussie favourites (John Marsden and John Flanagan, the US versions of the books but still cool). The kids were shy, kind and friendly. A different feel to the Aussie schools, where the kids come at you. Not to say that these kids were tame, they still laughed and created chaos when I clicked my fingers hehe. I had fears that my humour might not translate well but all of my jokes hit their marks. I even added some Aussie jokes for good measure hehe. The school itself is awesome, dedicated teachers and colourful classrooms.

Photo: A huge thanks to my lovely host and teacher-librarian Meg Lorek for organising a smooth day!

I sold out all of my books and now have a few days off with my relos before I fly down to Phuket. I can’t wait to eat up and relax…the food is sooOOOooo good. And the countless dessert options, man I’d come back as a giant bowling ball if I stayed here for ages (or would I sweat it out in the heat hehe). Now that I have a taste for these international school visits, makes me wonder where else my cHEwY creations will take me 🙂


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