Hey cHEwY gum gums

I was itching to write about Book Week but my website’s gone down with the flu or something. But it’s back up again, and this is my chance to reflect on another lovely Book Month. Well, Book Term really because I started visiting schools back in July non-stop. It’s been fantastic to visit many different schools of all shapes and sizes, trying some new jokes in between the old classics. I have a core show of 60 minutes but about 30-40 minutes up my sleeve that I can pull out as well. Mostly I’m by myself at schools, with teachers and the librarian for company. Sometimes I’m working non stop. Other times, I have nice long breaks for tea and to do some writing too.

I get excited a school has a Zip Water tap/water cooler. It means cold water for my bottles and I go through a lot of water haha.

I met Michael Gerald Butler twice, in two different states this month. I’m stalking him as he does his Book Month visits too. I spent Book Week in wet and windy Sydney, I felt sorry for all those book parades outside the playground…but it was still pretty fun to see a few kids dress up in their costumes.

In between the book choas, there was also a chance to celebrate Susanne Gervay’s latest Jack book, Being Jack. It was held at Monkey Baa Theatre, and I got to see ‘I Am Jack’ performed by the very talented Tim too. It was his last Jack performance too so that was a treat. It was a one man show that had shades of Robin Williams in it, with the different voices and movements. The night was also a fundraiser for Room To Read. It’s a wonderful initative from Susanne and it helps out Room To Read as they raise funds for literacy around the world. Go to their website to find out more and see how you can help too!

In writing news, I finally finished Nothing’s Prefect and have sent it to Penguin. God willing, it’ll get the green light and I can finally give Scott a chance to breathe out of my pages. I’ve also started copy-editing Ethan for the STUFF HAPPENS series. I’ve seen the cover and it looks radical.

I’ve also started work on my next cHEwY creation, The Other Christy. I’m hoping that this will be my first ever novel with a female lead character. Yes, it’s time I made that leap hehe. I mean, my other novels have had strong female characters around, but this one will be different. I’m excited. I’ve written 3000 words in 3 days, always a good sign for a first draft. But a strong start means nothing if I don’t get it finished. So after all the delays of Nothing’s Prefect, I’m determined to make up for lost time.


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