Yeah I know…clickbait title right?

I did an interview for the wonderful podcast a few weeks ago…and one of my writing tips for Alison Tait was to play lots of video games haha.

Let me explain, I love video games and became a gamer when I got a Nintendo NES as a kid. It’s a huge part of my life haha. Whatever you call it, a hobby, an escape-path, a way to let off steam, gaming has been become mainstream now. Yes, those games on your mobile count too!

The reason why video games help my writing is that when I’m playing games, my mind seems to be in a creative mode. I usually play adventure games like Zelda, so I’m a sucker for a good story. I even enjoy action games like Call of Duty or Titanfall 2 that have a decent story mode (no really haha). 

Sure, I also play games to relax and switch off my brain too, blasting away…but as a writer, I never really switch off anyway haha. When I went travelling overseas, my mind was still thinking about story and character ideas. 

Lastly, games are fun. Writing should be fun. So have fun writing. Play games and maybe writing will be fun for you.

Okay…I just like video games okay haha 


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