A is for awesome

Hoppy Easter!

I’ve just started my school hols, 2 weeks of solid writing and thinking *YaY*

Last week, I went to CBCA’s Triple A (anticipate, appreciate, applaud) event, where we got to cheer for the notable and short-listed CBCA books this year. Those gold and bronze stickers really do wonders for books. Not only for the recognition, but also cos’ people can discover new books. I can’t wait to dig into the shortlist for younger and older readers. I’m glad there’s a little variety in the shortlists, especially with younger readers. Her’s hoping Thai-riffic! makes its mark next year *fingers crossed*

I also rocked up to an iBBy (that’s International Board of Books for Young people, abbrev fans!) event to celebrate international children books day. Think of the CBCA but on a global scale. It’s another book loving bunch of writers, publishers, booksellers and teachers/librarians, so I had to sign up! We had to speak about a book from another country for 1-2 minutes. I picked The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian by Sherman Alexie. It’s a recent book, but it really spoke to me through a brutually honest and heart-felt kid, trying to make sense of his own family’s hertiage…sound familiar? 

I met Heather at the iBBy event, who’s just given the green light for Thai-riffic! to the printers, now we play the waiting game heaheahea…

mmmm, this waiting game is boring, I’m gonna go write something 😉


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