Yoo Hoo!

I’m up to Chapter 11 of Connerd. If I said that about Star-struck! before, I would have been half way through.

Each chapter’s got up to 500-600 words. I’ve structured Connerd in shorter and sharper chunks, similar to Morris Gleitzman books. 

It leaves room for more cliffhangers and avoids the **** (scene breakers) in longer chapters.

I’m amazed with how much new scenes I’ve written. So far, only 50% of the original material has been used. I remember Jackie French saying that all early drafts of a manuscript never look like the finished book. It makes sense. I’ve been very open to change and have reaped the rewards of seeing my stories soar.

With that in mind, I’m really enjoying this draft because the real story about Connor is sprouting out of the ground. 

We’ll see what happens when I get into the tricky middle stages 🙂


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