Last week, I got my geek on and went to Supanova, a comic convention that Connor from Con-nerd would die for (shameless plug #341). I got to meet many die-hard cosplayers, the standard continues to rise and rise…I got to meet my heroes like Sonic haha

I have this idea to write a story about cosplayers OR use Supanova as a setting for a Con-nerd sequel hehe, well maybe 🙂 One guy wrote his own comic called ‘High School Romance’ where a geek asks the hottest girl out…this guy is Connor all grown up!

I’m about to start editing Thai-no-mite, I have a month to tweak and tidy up Lengy’s newest adventures. With Thai-riffic! being shortlisted for the COOL awards again, I’m sure the sequel is gonna explode onto the scene in October. The school visits have wrapped up for this term so I’ll use the extra time to get knee-deep into editing!

I’m in Perth on a school tour, every school has been warm and welcoming. I love meeting new fans but it’s the ones who read my books beforehand that really make me smile 🙂 It’s going to take ages building up a fan base but it also means that I won’t take the ones who have followed me from the beginning for granted.

Photo: Perth has been fun this week, each school has been very blubby, including these cHEwY gum gums from Mel Maria Primary


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