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Just imagine seeing 2000 kids in one day. That’s what I did yesterday in Adelaide for the SAETA’s Meet the Writers festival. Headlined by Jackie French and Michael Pryor, kids got the choice to see any of the 14 authors and illustrators. My sessions was in room 2, aka the crazy zone. My talks were loose and wild, spurred on by the audience, it was standing room only (it was a small room but still…haha). Β It’s the part of my writing life that I enjoy the most, meeting fans, especially new ones. I love surprising kids and teachers, once they become cHEwY gum gums, then it’s game over man, game over.

Well, you can only wish that they’ll become fans. It’s quite humbling to speak to Jackie French and Michael Pryor, authors who have dominated their genre of choice (French even more so). If I ever get to anywhere near to what they’ve published, then I know I’ll be blessed πŸ™‚

I’ve answered plenty of messages via the Age’s Ultimate Story comp, where I wrote Chapter one of a story. One guy said ‘you write in a way that a 6 year old kid can understand but a 14 year old can enjoy.’ I take that as a compliment hehe, wonder if I can put that on a poster. But I love responding to fans, the good and bad. I’ve got a long way to go in this writing world, and I’ve relished every moment.

Thainomite is going full steam ahead. I’ve just seen more of Evi’s pictures and comics for Thai-riffic!’s sequel. I’ve fallen back in love with my first book, the combo of comics, contents page as a menu, random pictures made Lengy’s adventures special…he’s come a long way. The editing will be next on the list, it’s a chance for me to tweak with the stories and make them funnier.

And yet, I’ve been thinking about the next book…Bookish is starting to invade my mind. There’s so much that could happen with James, my bookworm character…it’s more than just another nerd, this guy lives life like it’s a book. And I still do see myself as a bookish guy. You’d rarely see me without a book. I might have to invest in an e-reader, it’s research, I swear hehe. Sorry, the e-reader vs paper books debate is so 2008, I’m happy for anyone to read books, regardless of the medium. Yet, I’ll always be a paper book guy…mmmm wonder if getting a kindle will change my mind, they’re quite cheap nowadays πŸ™‚

I’ll be going to Supanova on the weekend, photos and report soon!



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