I heart bookstores!

Hey ya!

It’s been awhile since my last blog post. Things are hectic during Book Week, or Book Month as I call it…well Book Term really because my weeks are chocablock with school visits. Which is wonderful because it means I can relax in term 4 hahaha, I mean work on my next book. And I’ve been slowly chipping away at Bookish, my next project.

Last Saturday was National Bookshop Day and I went to Book Bonding in Niddrie. Now this is a perfect example of an indie bookstore really making an impact in its community. They cater for their loyal customers and the staff read widely so every genre is covered. Plus they work with schools, Book Bonding had over 80 that order through them, so they are on the buzz when it comes to children books. I had fun meeting cHEwY gum gums and writing a weird story about bananas and BUFF!

Photo: Thanks to all the cHEwY gum gums who came to see me on National Bookshop Day! Our BUFF story was awesome.

I’m happy to see bookstores thriving in areas but it’s sad to say that there’s no bookstores around where I live, in fact Dymocks Liverpool has closed, leaving Parramatta Dymocks the closest thing to a bookstore in the whole Liverpool-Fairfield area. And I don’t mean those discount bookstores where every book are five bucks, or those book stalls in the middle of shopping centres where they sell books that you’ve never heard of, I mean a real bookstore where you can ask for a book and they’ll actually know something about it.

Sure, the discount department stores like Big W or K-mart have the best sellers, but try asking for anything else. Anyway, it’s just more fuel for Bookish and also a reason why we need to cherish these bookstores that are still standing!


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